The Glattaler has written an artocle about me and my point of view as a model photographer. Have fun reading!

PHOTOGRAPHER. In his profession he is allows to come close to beautiful women, and they are even smiling at him. Model Photographer Manuel Fischer tells what matters in this industry.

«You should not have an exaggerated ambition, should be as mnatrural as possible, recommends Manuel Fischer before the shootings the photo models. On his Web page, there are further more tips on how to behave the top models of the future, to improve their chances of a successful career. The photographer, who has his studio in Dübendorf, knows: the model industry has become very selective. Apply for competitions like the elite model look - Fischer shoots the group picture at this prestigious event each - do it today the only candidates with high potential for success. «Just by mere coincidence no one comes anymore in the finale.»The goal to snag a lucrative modeling contract, was granted only a few at the end.
«Therefore, it is important to be honest with themselves, so the disappointment in the failure is not too big at the beginning.» The self-image of a customer is greatly distorted, the photographer will bring back the young women gently on the ground of reality. Fischer: «I'm doing this but most unwillingly. «As long as it remains just a dream, I say nothing.» It is also known that many models at the same time do a normal job to make ends meet. «Just a few models can life in Switzerland completely from the profession.»

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