Product photos for hauser & partner

Fresh pixels photographed in high resolution for the agency houses & partner 14 areas of art sculptures. Photographer Manuel Fischer Fresh pixels et al specializing in image and product photos. Products and surfaces are scanned by the Zurich photographer high-resolution, digital color-calibrated and equalized in perspective using the latest technology and Photoshop optional. The whole process takes place calibrated color workflow in one, the highest accuracy in color reproduction and sharpness allows.

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Business portraits in Zurich Kloten

Fresh pixels, the photo studio for professional photo shoots, served the Glatt Valley and beyond with photo shoots for websites, brochures and advertising. Newly we are also specially present in Zurich Kloten and the surrounding area. Through our second office in Kloten, we are now even closer to you! Just minutes from Zurich Airport, we welcome you at any time perfectly equipped photo studio Fresh pixels in Zurich Stettbach / Dübendorf.

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