Report on photographer Manuel Fischer in Glattaler

The Glattaler wrote a report on me and my view as a model photographer. Have fun while reading! PHOTOGRAPHER. In his profession he may get close to beautiful women, even smiled at them. Model photographer Manuel Fischer told what is important in this industry. "We must not develop an excessive ambition, should be as natural as possible to give," Manuel Fischer recommends the photo models before the shootings. On

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Product photos for hauser & partner

Fresh pixels photographed in high resolution for the agency houses & partner 14 areas of art sculptures. Photographer Manuel Fischer Fresh pixels et al specializing in image and product photos. Products and surfaces are scanned by the Zurich photographer high-resolution, digital color-calibrated and equalized in perspective using the latest technology and Photoshop optional. The whole process takes place calibrated color workflow in one, the highest accuracy in color reproduction and sharpness allows.

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Product and image photos in the Glattal

The photo studio Fresh pixels and photographer Manuel fishermen are known for expressive photos of people, but did you know that the photo studio also does commercial work? Centrally located in Dübendorf / Stettbach and with excellent connections via car or public transportation Fresh pixels company operated from Glattalbahn with authentic and fresh advertising photos.

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